Rock in Sand

Individual and Couple Therapy

We often let our problems overwhelm us before we get help.


We are experienced in supporting children, teens and adults with challenges in the following areas: 


  • relationships

  • school/work

  • attentional issues (ADHD)

  • accepting and living with chronic disease and serious illness

  • coming to terms with a new diagnosis

  • grief and loss

  • PTSD

  • trauma

  • abuse

  • issues relating to adoption

  • loving and accepting yourself.

We offer various forms of therapy to support your journey, including EMDR (for adults, teens and children). 


Online video appointments are available.  Ask us about it.




Family Therapy

We offer Attachment-Focused Family Therapy, Theraplay and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy to support families to connect and deepen their relationships.  


Sometimes we need help to connect.  All families can struggle with this.  An approach that builds connection, attunement and shared enjoyment can help your family repair and reconnect.  
Special challenges can arise when children have experienced trauma and loss. 
We are experienced in helping families to connect, including adoptive families, stepfamilies and families including a child with additional or special needs.



Support for Parents

Parenting can be tough. 


We work to support the formation of connections within the family to encourage emotional well being and positive behaviour.


We are experienced in supporting parents, including those struggling with:


  • behavioural challenges

  • attentional issues (ADHD)

  • autism

  • additional needs resulting from disability or early childhood trauma

  • grief and loss

  • attachment challenges

  • issues relating to adoption


We will support you in becoming the parent you want to be. 


Online video appointments are available.  Ask us about it.