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Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs)


Following a car accident, people often grapple not only with physical injuries but also with the challenge of regulating their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. This traumatic event can trigger a range of psychological responses, including hypervigilance, agitation, anxiety, depression, and emotional numbness. Sleep disturbances, memory issues, and difficulties with attention and concentration can further complicate their recovery. Loved ones may observe heightened irritability and sensitivity, leading to strained relationships with coworkers and family members. Children may display regression, such as a loss of previously acquired independence and increased tantrums. Consequently, accident survivors may withdraw socially, avoiding activities they once enjoyed, exacerbating the psychological toll, especially if they also contend with physical pain.

Thankfully, in Alberta, individuals experiencing physical and/or psychological symptoms resulting from an MVA within the past two years may be entitled to treatment, with their automobile insurance provider often obligated to cover the costs.

Accessing psychological treatment is a straightforward process for MVA victims. They need only contact our office in Calgary, supplying their insurance contact information and claim number, and we take care of the rest. Our comprehensive services include assessment, evaluation, treatment planning, and obtaining the necessary approval for their care. We prioritize convenience by handling all communication with insurance companies and in some cases facilitating direct billing to our clients' automobile insurance providers

In some cases, a note from a medical doctor is required recommending psychological intervention. In addition, some clients may need to exhaust personal health plan benefits beforehand.

Click below to contact our office, find out more, and begin this process.

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