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Fees for services

Individual, child, couple, or family therapy

Fees are $220 per standard therapy hour (50 minutes) from 1 January 2023

This is the recommended fee by the Psychologists' Association of Alberta

These fees are often covered or partially covered by your insurance company

Professional Consultation $170 (50 minutes)

Workshop/Training (half day) $1000.00

Workshop/Training (full day) $2000.00 

Psychological Assessments - Free initial consultation (20 minutes)


Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessment $2,500

  • Intellectual Disabilities

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Behavioural Challenges

  • Social-Emotional Challenges

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessment AND Adult Autism Assessment $3,000


Gifted Assessment (Cognitive & Academic) $1,700


Gifted Assessment (Cognitive) $1,200

Personality Disorders (age 18+ only) $2,200


Adult ADHD Specific $1,200

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