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Fees for services

Individual, child, couple, or family therapy

Fees are $220 per standard therapy hour (50 minutes) from 1 January 2023

This is the recommended fee by the Psychologists' Association of Alberta

These fees are often covered or partially covered by your insurance company

Psychological Assessments

Free initial consultation (20 minutes)


Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessment $2,500

  • Intellectual Disabilities

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Behavioural Challenges

  • Social-Emotional Challenges

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessment AND Adult Autism Assessment $3,000


Gifted Assessment (Cognitive & Academic) $1,700


Gifted Assessment (Cognitive) $1,200

Personality Disorders (age 18+ only) $2,200


Adult ADHD Specific $1,200

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